How To Make Dog Crate More Comfortable

How To Make Dog Crate More Comfortable

If you have been following our website, you will notice that we have recommended many dog crates and dog cages to you. In for example, at least for the domain of dog crates, we have the dog crates for HuskyBorder CollieGerman ShepherdPitbulls and even the Best Dog Crate For Small Dogs. While the dog crates are good for the dogs, you do notice that most of the dog crates have grated floors. In this case, they might not feel comfortable while lying or resting in the crate itself. Many readers then ask me, how to make dog crate more comfortable. Hence, the purpose of this article is to show you more examples of you making the crate more comfortable for your dog.

How To Make Dog Crate More Comfortable

How To Make Dog Crate More ComfortableThere are various ways at which you can make the dog crate more comfortable. Like we mentioned earlier, since we love our pets, it will only be sensible for us to provide to them a good place to rest at. Also, dog crates are the best tool to combat separation anxiety. We would want to ensure that the dog crate itself appears more than just a crate or cage to the dog. It has to appear as a welcoming place, or as a place whereby they know they can find security. Here are the different ways at which you can make the dog crate more comfortable.

Correct Size

By correct size, we mean that you should find a crate that is really catered for your dog. What I am saying is that if you own a Chihuahua, you totally shouldn’t be buying the largest dog crate for them. While it might seem that we are being nice too them when we purchase a bigger crate for them, we are actually not doing them any good. This is because a larger crate will cause the dog to feel insecure. However, if it is way too small, then your dog won’t be able to rest comfortably.

As a general guideline, you have to ensure that the dog will be able to sit comfortably in the crate with its head about 1 – 2 inches off the top of the crate. As for the width, ensure that your dog is able to turn itself around.

Too Cold or Too Warm

One of the top reasons why dogs hate to use crate is that it can be either too cold or too warm to use the crate. In for example, during Winter, if the crate doesn’t protect them from the cold, the dog will not use the crate. This goes the same when it is summer too. If it is too warm, the dog wouldn’t enjoy being in the crate.

Hence, one of the best ways to make dog crate more comfortable is to regulate the temperature in the crate itself. During Summer, you can use cooling pads in the crate. These cooling pads will be able to cool down the dog crate. You can find the cooling pad reviews here. During Winter, you can always use heated dog houses for your dog. Otherwise, you can find ways to keep the house heated without electricity.

Use Dog Bed or Crate Pad

As mentioned earlier, the floor of the crate are usually grated. As a result, your dog will not be able to lay down comfortably. Hence, for one of the best solutions on how to make dog crate more comfortable is to use a dog bed or crate pad in the crate itself. The dog bed or crate pad for crates will be able to provide to your dog a comfortable place to rest in while they are in the crate. Some examples of dog bed are those that we have reviewed for specific breeds such as Boxer, Pitbull, Mastiff or even the German Shepherd. In fact, we did reviews on the Top 3 Indestructible Dog Bed For Crate Reviews as well as the Top 4 Indestructible Dog Crate Pads. All of those will be able to keep your crate comfortable.

Cover The Crate

When you cover the crate, you are giving the dog the impression that they are being well protected. This is mainly because when the crate is covered, the dog assumes that no one else will be able to see them, and hence they are being protected.


During the crate training session, you would have already bought toys for you to lure the dog into the crate itself. Instead of removing the toys, we suggest that you should keep the toys in the crate itself. While doing the research on how to make dog crate more comfortable, many owners did mention that the dogs appear more at ease when the toys are in the crate itself!


We have listed various steps on how to make dog crate more comfortable. If you follow the steps closely, you will definitely be able to ensure that your dog’s crate is as comfortable as possible.


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