Portable Dog Grooming Table

Portable Dog Grooming Table

I simply love it when I see people grooming their dogs at some road shows or something. Recently, I was at a pet fair, and I saw this gorgeous looking lady having a booth set up. The booth is specifically for grooming dogs. So while I was there admiring her skills, I came to realize that she is indeed using a Dog Grooming Table. It then dawned onto me that these must be the Portable Dog Grooming Table that my friends have been asking me about. After doing some research, there are in fact many of these in the market!

Portable Dog Grooming Table

There are in fact many variations of the Dog Grooming Table, so why specifically the portable versions? We choose the Portable Dog Grooming Table because we live in a small house, hence everything that we have must be compact. Also, we would want a Dog Grooming Table that is easy to store too, given that we don’t have a big house. Other than that, the Portable Dog Grooming Table can be more useful than some of the static versions, as the height usually can be adjusted to a comfortable level. With that, let us look into the Portable Dog Grooming Table reviews proper.

Flying Pig Large Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Pet Grooming Table

Portable Dog Grooming Table

In all essence, if you are looking  emulate the professional dog groomers that you see elsewhere, then the Flying Pig Large Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Pet Grooming Table is a definite purchase for you. This Professional Portable Dog Grooming Table is highly sought after on Amazon. Also, it is widely used by professional dog groomers too.

This is in fact a heavy duty portable dog grooming table that is really designed for professional grooming. In terms of materials, it is made of a durable steel frame. The material ensures that it can take the load coming from the table top. As for the table top, it is no doubt made with plastic. However, there is a piece of plywood that is sandwiched between the two plastics tops. This totally enhances the quality and durability of the entire portable dog grooming table. It is able to take a maximum load of 330 pounds, which means that it can fit the largest of dogs. There is also the non-slip rubber tabletop that helps to prevent your dog from slipping off the table.

There is the adjustable and foldable grooming arm with loose and loop. This helps to secure your dog to the entire portable grooming table. This, coupled with the non-slip rubber pad, gives you the perfect tools to ensure your dog do not slip off the table. There is also a storage basket that allows you to keep your dog grooming kits in. In terms of portability, it can be folded and kept nicely.


Pros: Completely adjustable and foldable. Maximum load of 330 pounds. Non-slip table top.
Cons: Can be pricey.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5)

Yaheetech Professional Foldable Pet Grooming Table W/Arm & Noose & Mesh Tray

Portable Dog Grooming Table

If you are looking into a suitable portable dog grooming table, then this Yaheetech Professional Foldable Pet Grooming Table W/Arm & Noose & Mesh Tray is a top choice for you.

In actual fact, this portable dog grooming table can be catered for small dogs. This is because of the various functionality that this grooming table have. In for example, the maximum load of this table is at 220 pounds. In addition, it have a working area of 80.5 by 76 cm, hence making it awesome for your small dog.

Also, since the small dogs are pretty short, this professional dog grooming table solves the problem. You can easily raise the platform to a higher level, hence allows you to groom your smaller dog. As for the top of the table, it has a non-slip waterproof PU texture that really functions well in preventing accidental slip. The material also means that you can easily wipe it clean to. The entire surface of the structure is also coated with an anti-rust layer. This also prevent corrosion!

The entire Portable Dog Grooming Table foldable too. It is made of a high quality MDF material with a classy black finish. The foldable metal legs are known and proven to be extremely strong. This means that dogs of all breeds can be trimmed on this Portable Dog Grooming Table.


Pros: Very affordable. Completely adjustable and foldable. Maximum load of 220 pounds. Non-slip table top.
Cons: Not as classy looking as the previous model that we reviewed.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Merax Dog Grooming Table with Arm/Noose
Portable Dog Grooming Table

This Merax Dog Grooming Table with Arm/Noose is another awesome Portable Dog Grooming Table that is selling like hotcakes on Amazon itself. One of the main reasons is that it is the most affordable Portable Dog Grooming Table too.

Being affordable doesn’t mean that the functionality is discounted. The table top is also made of non-slip rubber, which is similar to the previous few models that we have reviewed. The legs of the Portable Dog Grooming Table is made of steel, hence it is strong enough for small to medium size dogs to use.

There is the grooming arm that is fixed onto the table by an easy nylon clamp. This system is completely adjustable, and you can push it up to 40 inches. In terms of portability, the entire Portable Dog Grooming Table has the easy-to-open-and-fold legs. This ensures that the table can be collapsed easily for fast travel.


Pros: Cheapest of all. Adjustable arm. Non-slip table top.
Cons: Arm is known to be flimsy, so use this only for small dogs.
Our Rating: (4.7 / 5)

Flying Pig Professional Electric Lift X Style Durable Grooming Table w/ Wheels

Portable Dog Grooming Table

If you are looking for a True Professional Portable Dog Grooming Table, then the Flying Pig Professional Electric Lift X Style Durable Grooming Table w/ Wheels will be your top choice then. But the hefty price tag is not for the average Joe.

This Flying Pig Professional Electric Lift X Style Durable Grooming Table w/ Wheels is designed specifically for professional dog groomers who wants a grooming table that is easy for them to move around. This model is awesome, as it can be collapsed easily. Also, though it can be heavy, it does have wheels, which make transportation such a breeze.

In terms of material, the base structure is made of steel. The height of the table top is also completely adjustable. This is due to the functional X-style frame, which allows you to lift the table from 11.75″ to 41.5″. There is a removable rubber mat that is sited on the top of the table. This mat is completely slip proof, hence making it awesome for dogs of all breeds. The maximum weight that the table support is at 220 pounds.


Pros: Adjustable height. Wheels are present, so easy to transport. Non-slip table top.
Cons: Can be expensive.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Flying Pig Heavy Duty Dog Pet Hydraulic Grooming Table

Portable Dog Grooming Table

Last but not least, we have the Flying Pig Heavy Duty Dog Pet Hydraulic Grooming Table. This grooming table also functions as a professional Portable Dog Grooming Table. What makes it different is that it uses a hydraulic pump to lift the table up. This is actually a good feature, as it is easier for u to guide the dog onto the table top before you lift the table using the hydraulic pump. This really smoothen the process, as it helps to ease your workload should there be many dogs waiting in line for you to groom.

The hydraulic pump is able to lift the table top from 19.5″ to 39.75″. This is more than adequate for all dogs! The hydraulic pump can be activated using your foot too. As for the table top itself, there is also the non-skid bone pattern rubber surface, which really helps to prevent slips on the table itself while you are grooming the dog. The material also ensures that you can easily clean it too.

This is also one of the best Heavy Duty Dog Grooming table too. The entire frame is made of steel, hence making it extremely strong. There is also the stainless steel arm that allows you have a hold on your dog while you do the magic on them.

This is Professional Portable Dog Grooming Table is highly recommended by us if you are looking into being a professional dog groomer.


Pros: Adjustable height. Non-slip table top. Foot activated Hydraulic pump that can lift the table in seconds.
Cons: Can be expensive.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Why Use A Dog Grooming Table?

In case you are still wondering why is there a need to use a dog grooming table when I can use any other tables, then this particular section of the article is for you. There are indeed many reasons at which why you should use a dog grooming table as compared to the normal tables that you usually use. Here are some of the reasons.


Of course, this is our top priority whenever we choose products for our dogs. We wouldn’t want their lives to be at risk whenever we try to groom them. If you use your regular furniture as a makeshift grooming table, there is the risk of the entire furniture collapsing. This is really possible, as the furniture are not meant to withstand the weight of the dog itself. Also, maybe the top of the furniture is not made of non-slip material? Non-slip materials are actually important. This is because some dogs can be pretty nervous and frigidity when it comes to grooming, hence if there is a non-slip surface, then the dog will not accidentally slip.

Ease Of Grooming

A top Dog Grooming Table will ensure that your own comfort is not compromised when you are grooming the dog too. This means that the dog grooming table’s height should be adjustable to ensure that you need not bend over at awkward angles just to groom your dog.

Tips On Choosing The Best Portable Dog Grooming Table

As mentioned earlier, I follow a very strict criteria when I select the Best Portable Dog Grooming Table. This is important, as you would want a good experience for you and the dog too.

Correct Size

This is one of the most fundamental problems that most people face. They do not know how to choose the correct size of a grooming table for their dogs. The size matters coz having a good fit will ensure that your dog have some room to move about.

Durability Of Grooming Table

When you choose the Best Portable Dog Grooming Table, you will need to ensure that the table will not fumble and crumble under your dog’s weight. This means that you will need to check the maximum weight that the table can take first. The materials also play a part as you wouldn’t want to choose a material that is not resistant to rust.

How Portable Is The Grooming Table

You would need to ask yourself this question, especially if own only a dog. This is because if you own a dog, it means that you wouldn’t be using the table that often. Hence, being able to stow the entire Best Portable Dog Grooming Table away smoothly should be a top concern too.

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