Dog Clippers For Great Pyrenees

Read This First: Ultimate Dog Clippers For Great Pyrenees

Grooming your Great Pyrenees should not be difficult at all. If you are having trouble, like most people do, then you are simply using the wrong dog clippers for Great Pyrenees. This is backed by the thousands of dog owners who injure or hurt their dog during the grooming process. If you do not want to repeat the mistake, read on!

Dog Clippers For Great Pyrenees

The top mistake that owners commit when they groom the Great Pyrenees is that they tend to overly trim the dog’s coat. This is wrong! The dog’s coat is supposed to protect them. If out of your own convenience, you trim the coat to too short a length, you are actually exposing your dog to a multitude of problems.

Another problem is that many Great Pyrenees love to go freestyle. They can shave the coat in all sorts of direction. This is again wrong. You should only shave in the direction of the coat lays. This will ensure that the entire coat is protected and not overly short when you groom them. The direction is important as it also helps to ensure that the coat is being trimmed in accordance with its natural shape.

With that, which of the multitude of dog clippers is good for the Great Pyrenees?

Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper

Dog Clippers For Great Pyrenees

You may wonder why would we recommend you to purchase the Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper, since it is considered to be professional dog clippers for Great Pyrenees? Actually, it being professional is why we will recommend it to you! Do you really think we will recommend to you some random dog grooming clippers for your precious and majestic friend?

First of all, the material of the entire dog clipper is awesome! The touch and feel of it are completely unparalleled. I love that the ergonomics are so perfect, and the entire grooming process is extremely smooth. The sleek black look also does looks good too, though it has no bearing on its capability to groom my Great Pyrenees.

Dog Clippers For Great PyreneesDo note that when you wish to groom your Great Pyrenees, it is recommended that you go for a #10 blade, which does come with this pair of clippers. You can always purchase additional shaving blades since the blades are completely interchangeable. Cleaning is also made easy since you can detach the blade to give it a good cleaning and maintenance.

Of course, another reason why we chose this is because of its power as well as its portability. I am completely sold on its ability to last for so long on a single charge. I could groom the dog anywhere, including at the Dog House For Great Pyrenees.

Grooming your Great Pyrenees should be this easy!

The Verdict

I know, I know. I only reviewed a single dog clippers for Great Pyrenees, which is the Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper. This is because there are no other clippers that can rival its greatness! However, this greatness does come with a price tag. It is not exactly cheap, but I figured it is completely worth it, given that my dog turns out well after grooming. Heck, I can now be a professional dog groomer!

If you think the price is hefty for you, then you should purchase the Oster Professional Turbo A5 Clipper. The specs are almost similar, just that this is a corded or wired dog clipper.

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