Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies for short, are very delicate dogs and they love human interactions. They are usually active, and they like to be mentally challenged. They are one of the more intelligent dogs out there. They simply love to explore when being put into a foreign place. They are usually small in size, but they pack a huge bark! Given their size and their temperament, they will need a good source of nutrients for them to sustain their lifestyle and habits, and hence we will be reviewing some of the best dog food for Yorkies.

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Most of you might be able to relate to the perpetual problem of housebreaking your Yorkies . They are known to be resistant towards our housebreaking efforts, and feeding them the proper diet is equally tough too.

Having said that, not many owners know that dogs of different breeds have different nutritional needs. Most owners will simply grab a bag of kibbles off the shelf and feed it to their pet, not knowing whether the food is nutritional enough for their dog. This is one common problem that we want to correct. In fact, if you have landed on this site, that it shows that you really want to know what is good for your Yorkie, and we intend to give you a comprehensive selection on the various types of dog food for Yorkies.

Yorkies are known to be very picky about their food. The reason for that is that Yorkies’ sense of smell is not as heightened as most dogs, and therefore they are not enticed by many nice smelling kibbles that would have attracted dogs of various breeds.

There are many factors that affects our decision when we want to purchase the dog food for Yorkies. Let us list some of the criteria that you need to consider before purchasing the Best Dog Food For Yorkies.

Size: Size is obviously the main concern for us. Yorkies are small, hence we would need to select kibbles that are packed with nutrients. Also, calorie content will be a concern here as we do not want our Yorkies to grow fat! In addition to that, Yorkie do not have a strong jaw, so their kibbles should not be too tough for them to chew on.

Activeness Of The Dog: Yorkies are very active in nature, and hence the food that we select for them has to be enough for them to build muscles yet at the same time ensuring that they do not grow too big for their small frame.

Coat: Yorkies coats are very long and silky. It is their trademark! They do not have undercoat and have very long hairs. The diet that you feed the dog must be able to maintain or enhance the look of the silky coats.

Life Expectancy: As the Yorkie is of a smaller breed they are known to have a longer life expectancy than most breeds. Hence, the food that they eat must be able to maintain the dog’s health and not deteriorate their life when they are older.

There are other factors that determines the dog food that you feed to your Yorkie. Puppies and adults dogs have different calorie and nutritional needs. Generally, puppies take in more calories than adult dogs. Having said that, be reminded not to overfeed your puppy as overfeeding your puppy will cause many problems when they are older. Try to always purchase dog food that have the words “For puppies” in it, as the food company would have developed the food with the puppy’s needs in mind.

Just to list down one problem, when you overfeed your puppy with certain nutrients such as protein and/or calcium, they will grow faster than their frames can take them. This will lead to them having a larger size, and it will be too much for their bones to hold them up. You can find out more information here.

So what is the best dog food for Yorkies?

There are in fact many choices that you can have, but we have decided to narrow it down to just the top 3 choices that represents the views of the majority in America.

ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Yorkshire Terrier Adult dry dog food

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

The top choice for Best Dog Food For Yorkie is ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Yorkshire Terrier Adult dry dog food. This is only bag of dog food for Yorkies that is specialized to reduce the onset of dental plaque and tartar formation. Just so you know, Yorkies are prone to having dental problems like tooth decay, and hence this bag of kibbles is excellent for them.

What’s more, Royal Canin has acknowledged the Yorkie’s problem of having a weaker jaw, and hence the kibble is specially made to be chewed easily by Yorkies!

In addition to that, Yorkies generally don’t shed, and their hair is single stranded, which grows continuously. The omega fatty acids in this dog food for Yorkie guarantees a shine in your dog’s coat, helping it to maintain its long silky mane.

The wholesome nutrition is totally awesome for Yorkies. Royal Canin has done a great job in producing this ultimate bag of kibbles for Yorkie, and more often than not this bag will be suffice for your Yorkie! As mentioned earlier, Yorkies doesn’t have an acute sense of smell, so they are not particularly attracted by the smell of most foods. However, the aroma of this particular food whets their appetite, and most Yorkies simply love the intense flavors that comes with the bag of kibbles. This bag of kibbles is simple the Best Dog Food For Yorkies!


Pros: Complete nutrition for Yorkies.
Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Holistic Select Small & Mini Breed Anchovy, Sardine & Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

This bag of kibbles for Yorkshire Terriers too have a smaller kibble that is suitable for Yorkies. The Holistic Select Small & Mini Breed Adult Health Anchovy & Sardine is specially formulated with active probiotics, fibers and digestive enzymes which is unique to Holistic Select’s unique Digestive Health Support System.

The protein and fat levels for this bag is adequate to support the optimal growth for smaller dogs like Yorkies. In addition to that, since Yorkie’s manes are long and silky, they will need a decent amount of Omega Fatty Acids to maintain their coat, and this bag has the right levels of the Fatty Acids from Flaxseed.

Besides, not many dogs can resist the smell of this kibble. Made from all natural ingredients, this bag of dog food for Yorkies is guaranteed to fill your dog will the optimal amount of nutrition that they need!


Pros: Good amount of Omega fatty acids.
Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food, Focus, Adult Small Breed Formula

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Specially formulated for small breeds like Yorkies, the Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food, Focus, Adult Small Breed Formula has all the essential nutrients necessary for highly active small breeds. This is absolutely perfect for Yorkies!

It is high in protein, and the kibbles are again formulated to ensure that your Yorkie have an easier time chewing it. The calcium levels in this food is just enough promote the development of their done structure too.

As per most of the other bags, Pro Plan has a high level of Omega Fatty acids, which is beneficial to your Yorkie!


Pros: Specially formulated for Yorkies. High in protein.
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Wellness CORE Grain Free Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Wellness Core is a very respected brand in the industry for Dog Food. They have specially formulated a bag of natural dry dog food that is optimal for small breeds like Yorkies or Chihuahuas.

This bag of dog food for yorkies is developed without grains. It is high in protein, yet at the same time the calorie levels are optimal enough to sustain the high energy levels that Yorkshire Terriers have. The calcium levels are kept low, so that it will not affect the natural growth of your yorkie.

It too contains a good amount of Antioxidants, Omega Fatty Acids and Probiotics that will be excellent for your Yorkie!


Pros: Grain free. Good amount of Antioxidants, Omega Fatty Acids and Probiotics
Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Which Dog Food For Yorkie  Do You Recommend?

As for now, we recommend buying ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Yorkshire Terrier Adult dry dogIt has all the essential nutrients for Yorkies, and at the same time it also helps to maintain their silky coat. Most owners would have chosen this, and we encourage you to choose this too.

Should we find more choices, we will definitely updated this page.

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