Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas?

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas?

Fleas. This one problem that all dogs will have. There are various products that you can purchase to help the flea treatment process. While some of the products are useful, we have to be mindful that not all of them comes naturally. Then, are there any items that is naturally occurring, and can also be an effective way to kill fleas? Yes there is! A close contact of mine mentioned to me that Coconut oil is actually good in removing fleas from dogs. Of course, the skeptical person in me wonders aloud, does coconut oil kill fleas? Is coconut oil toxic to dogs? Lets find out!

Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas?

Before we decide if coconut oil kill fleas, we need reiterate a very important point. There are some dogs that are simply not suited to use commercial flea killers. Meaning to say, you will need to check if your dog is allergic to the tick repellent, flea collar or other products that you can buy in the market. This is because some dogs might have immune system problems, or they might have multiple allergies. Indeed, not all products have a one sized fits all system. For example, there are very specific products for the older dogs and the puppy. Otherwise, there are dogs that simply suffer from a reaction when the repellents are being sprayed onto them. In that case, this is when the home grown remedies come into place. One example of such a natural flea killer is the coconut oil. How exactly is coconut oil good for dogs? Does coconut oil repel fleas? Or does coconut oil kill fleas?

What Is Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is essentially oil that is extracted from coconuts itself. It can be extracted from the kernel or the meat of mature coconuts. The reason why coconut oil is good as a natural flea killer or natural flea repellent is because it contain lauric acid. Lauric acid is well known to be a good natural flea repellent. Lauric acid is non-toxic, and it is said that it is good in keeping your dog’s coat shiny too. Applying coconut oil to your dog’s skin does protect it from various ailments too.

The reason why coconut oil is good for dog’s skin is that the coconut oil have fatty acids that helps to reduce inflammation. It is also a good moisturizer, hence it can keep your dog’s skin hydrated. As for protecting the skin itself, the antioxidants in coconut oil helps to heal the dog’s skin.


How Do You Use The Coconut Oil For Fleas On Dogs

While it is proven that coconut oil for fleas on dogs is actually good for them, we will need to know how do we administer this to the dog. There are various use cases here, and each of them have their own method of application.

Coconut Oil As A Repellent As A Preventive Measure

If you intend to use the coconut oil for fleas on dogs without fleas as a preventive measure, you will need to ensure that the coconut oil penetrates beneath the dog’s coat. There are two ways at which you can apply the coconut oil on the dog. First, after bathing the dog, apply the coconut oil on the dog’s skin. The correct way of application is to put a little of the coconut oil on your hands and rub them together. You should stop rubbing when the coconut oil achieves a liquid like consistency. Once this is done, massage it on your dog’s coat. Do note that since the coconut oil is a good natural repellent against flea, we recommend you to use the above method on your dog up to twice a week.

Another way of applying the coconut oil for dogs is to mix the oil itself with water. Put the solution into a spray bottle, and you can use it daily. Just spray a little of the solution on the dog’s coat once a day, and your dog will be naturally protected against fleas.

Coconut Oil As A Repellent To Remove Fleas

If your intention is to use the coconut oil on dog as a repellent to remove fleas, then the use case might be different. The method is actually the same. Massage the oil thoroughly onto your dog’s coat, and use a flea comb to run it through the coat itself. Because of the presence of oil, the fleas will not be able to get a good grip on your dog’s skin or coat. Hence, when you comb through your dog, some of the flea might jump out too. So in this sense, we recommend you to conduct this process somewhere else rather than in your own home.

Where Can I Get The Coconut Oil For Dogs?

There are various places that you can purchase the coconut oil for dogs. We will recommend you to purchase them from Amazon. This Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is highly recommended by many dog owners.

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  1. thanks for this post and thanks for the idea with the water bottle… we currently use the coconut oil and with the water bottle I can apply it much easier ;o)

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