GPS Tracking Collar For Yorkie

GPS Tracking Collar For Yorkie

If your Yorkie is an escape artist, and if they are not responding via the Shock Collars For Yorkie, then its time to look at alternatives. This is especially poignant if your Yorkie is an escape artist, and you might worry that your Yorkie might simply disappear totally from your house. While the Wireless Dog Fence For Small Dogs will work for the dogs, sometimes you might not want to employ such measures to control your dog. Or, you might want to find out the exact location of your Yorkie. This is made possible by getting a GPS tracking collar for Yorkie. There are indeed many of these tracking collars available right now, especially on platforms such as Amazon or Kickstarter. Which of these are really suited for the Yorkie? Read on!

GPS Tracking Collar For Yorkie

While there are indeed many GPS tracking devices for small dogs such as the Yorkie, some of them do require a fee for the GPS tracker service. The monthly service or service plan can sometimes be expensive. You will need to weight if the service fee is completely justifiable for the ability to locate your dog’s location accurately in real time. With that, let us now take a look at the top selection for the best GPS tracking collar for Yorkie. No more lost dogs forever!

Fashion Mini GPS Tracker for Small PET Dog

GPS Tracking Collar For Yorkie

To be completely honest, the Fashion Mini GPS Tracker for Small PET Dog is widely utilized by my friends who own small dogs, hence it does make fine for a GPS tracking collar for finding your dog

This GPS tracker for Yorkie works by using highly precise GPS tracking system which can pinpoint the exact location of your Yorkie via Google Maps. It can be tracked by either the usual SMS system, the internet or even via the mobile app, which can be found in both Google Play Store as well as The Apple Store. It constantly refreshes your dog’s exact location via its 3-second interval signal. This is more than adequate in tracking even a running dog.

The collar itself is IPX-6 waterproof. You wouldn’t need to worry about any monthly upkeep as you wouldn’t need to pay an extra cent when you wish to use this collar. All you need, perhaps, is to purchase a prepaid SIM card which can be obtained cheaply in your local mobile store.  The collar itself can be adjusted from a length of 25cm to 60cm, depending on your dog’s neck size.

Indeed, this GPS tracker for Yorkie is highly rated in the Yorkies forum too. A definite purchase for owners who have a constant fear of losing their pets!


Pros: Good refresh rate. No monthly upkeep.
Cons: Suitable for neck sizes between 25cm to 60cm.
Our Rating: (5 / 5) Best Choice For Small Necks

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar – GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor

GPS Tracking Collar For Yorkie

The LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar – GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor is an up and coming GPS tracker for Yorkie that is gaining traction in the various Yorkie forums. There have been many rave reviews about this product, and there is surely a good reason for that!

First of all, this newly launched product does require a service plan with AT&T, hence you can expect yourself to have a monthly upkeep for this. You should not let the small fee daunt you, as it is really worth it to pay the small fee to have a peace of mind, knowing that you can locate your precious dog no matter how far it had run away. Worst still, if your dog has been taken, you can pinpoint its exact location, assuming that the dognapper did not take off the collar. We suspect they won’t since the collar is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

So in terms of functionality, this is perhaps the only collar in the market that is able to pinpoint your dog’s exact location, monitor your dog’s daily activity as well as functioning like a training collar for Yorkie. The main selling point is perhaps the alert function that is activated when your dog leaves a pre-designated safe zone. These 4 functions appeal to most owners, as it can directly address the majority of the pain point felt by the masses. The functions can be accessed via the app that can be downloaded from both play stores.

It uses GPS tracking technology to track down your Yorkie’s location accurately. You can also set a zone around your house. If your Yorkie breaches that zone, the GPS collar will alert you to it. As we have mentioned earlier, you are able to utilize this collar as a training collar too. This is achievable via the light and sound that can be emitted from the collar itself. When utilized correctly, it can aid you in training your Yorkie. Monitoring and analyzing your Yorkie’s behavior have never been easier via the tracking system which automatically sends your dog’s activity to your smartphone.

If you are looking for the best all-rounder GPS tracker for Yorkies, then this model will be best suited for your dog. You can select up to 5 different sizes, so do choose one that best fits your Yorkie!


Pros: Precise location. Activity monitor. Alerts. Training collar.
Cons: Monthly fee needed. Not recommended for dogs under 10 pounds.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5) Editor’s Choice

Pod Trackers CU6595212318 2 GPS Plus Wi-Fi Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

GPS Tracking Collar For YorkiePerhaps one of the most expensive GPS trackers for Yorkies in the market, we will really need to check and review to see if the Pod Trackers CU6595212318 2 GPS Plus Wi-Fi Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor suits our requirements. As you should have read earlier, our benchmark is pretty high!

When we compare the functionality, it has the most of the functions that the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar has too. This means that the Pod Trackers have the activity monitoring service, precise GPS location service as well as the escape alert notice. All of these means that you will be able to locate your dog no matter where it is. You will also be alerted when the dog leaves the pre-designated safe zone. These functions are indeed extremely useful. Locating your pet can be achieved via the press of a button on the app that can be found in the various play stores.

Perhaps the downside is that you will need to pay a yearly service fee to the company for the GPS tracking service. While it is a one time payment of $49 yearly, it is only applicable after the 1st year of usage. Having said that, it runs on a 2G network, hence allowing the entire tracking collar to be light in weight. Coverage may hence be less accurate than the previous 2 GPS tracking collar that we have reviewed.


Pros: Precise location. Activity monitor. Alerts. Lightest.
Cons: Yearly service fee. Expensive.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Which GPS Collar For Yorkies Should I Buy

It really depends on your needs. You have to decide if the additional features such as activity monitoring and training functions is a want or a need. You will have to take into consideration the additional fees needed for the upkeep too.

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